Paragliding tandem flights in flying area Emberger Alm 

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Our office or meeting point:

Badesee 333, 9761 Greifenburg

Hotline German: 0043 664 2620900 

Hotline English: 0043 664 88139021

Our office is located directly at the Fliegercamp. Simply park at the camping car park and go to the entrance. Pass the reception and after 15 m on the right side you will find our wooden hut. 

Flights we offer

Flight for children:

Starting point Wiesflecker (500 m) - price: 100,- excl. Driveway to the launch site (flight time approx. 5 min - 10 min)

Starting point Emberger Alm (1750 m) - price: 150,-  excl. driveway to the launch site (flight time approx. 20 min)

Photos and videos incl. SD card: 30,-

Ride to the starting point in a comfort tandem taxi: 12,- 

 Total time required: approx. 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the starting point

Flight for children

Flight time from approx. 5 to 20 minutes. Various launch sites are available and will be charged according to launch site.

Even the little ones have the opportunity to fly with us. The pilot who flies with the little ones is trained for the special take-off with children. Children fly with purpose-built harnesses adjusted to their size.

We know what children want and are also familiar with their fears. Immerse yourself in the world of paragliding with us. Possible from approx. 25 kg body weight.

With the children we fly in absolutely calm conditions! Parents are welcome to fly with the children, but it depends on body weight and flight length.

With a bit of luck, we will fly in the morning over the cloud band that usually forms around the mountain after rain at night. It feels like you can walk on the clouds! Radiant children's eyes are guaranteed!

Large flight

Price: 150,- excl. Driveway to the starting point

Photos and videos incl. SD card: 30,-

Ride to the starting point in a comfort tandem taxi: 12,-

Total time: approx. 1.5 hours

Large Flight

Flight time approx. 20 min.  take-off emberger alm

This flight is ideal as a first flight to get to know how paragliding feels like. An Large flight is also possible without thermals, as the difference in altitude is sufficient to fly the desired flight time. After a few steps we take off and you and your pilot dive into another dimension that you have never experienced before. On this flight we will bring you closer to paragliding and you will realize that this experience is unique at this moment. You decide how you want to fly, from comfortable to sporty. We fly high or a little lower, depends on the passengers feelings.

You don't need any previous knowledge, sportiness is not mandatory.

XL flight

Price: 220,- excl. Driveway to the starting point 

Photos and videos incl. SD card: 30,- 

Ride to the starting point in a comfort tandem taxi: 12,-

Total time: approx. 2 hours

XL Flight

Flight time approx. 45 min. Take-off Emberger Alm

From approx. 50 kg body weight. This flight is already a full cross-country flight with a flight time of around 45 minutes. We are already flying over the peaks and you can enjoy and look at the mountain world from above. With this type of flight it can happen that we fly high under the clouds and you get the opportunity to taste clouds. Fascinating and breathtaking at the same time, you will never forget this experience. We adapt the flight style to your needs, leisurely or sporty, the customer is king.

You don't need any previous knowledge, sportiness is not mandatory.

XXL flight

Price: 260,- excl. Driveway to the starting point

Photos and videos incl. SD card: 30,-

Ride to the starting point in a comfort tandem taxi: 12,-

Total time required: approx. 2 hours to 2.5 hours

XXL Cross country flight

Flight time approx. 60 min. Take-off Emberger Alm

From approx. 50 kg body weight. This flight is the culmination of every holiday. After the start, depending on the passenger, we slowly or quickly gain altitude until we have reached an optimal cruising altitude above the mountains. On this flight we fly over several peaks and in good conditions to the Weissensee. The flight route and altitude always depends on the wheater and the thermals. On this flight, we try to give our passengers an understanding of how to fly cross-country and explain all the details that are important for these flights. Good clothing is very important, it can get relatively cold depending on the season and altitude. The breathtaking mountains will lie at your feet and you will never forget this flight. You fly high above the Drautal!

You don't need any previous knowledge, sportiness is not mandatory.

Booking - reservation

Booking with us is relatively easy. Since we can best advise you over the phone, we prefer to talk to our passengers on the phone. E-mails often take a long time because we always want to take our time for advice.

Step 1

First contact

You call us or write us and we discuss which flight you want.

You tell us when you want to fly and we plan with you.

In the flight season it can happen that we are in the air - we will call you back!

Step 2

We plan your flight

We choose carefully for you when we fly. Body weight and flight length is very important for our flight.

Step 3

Get in touch with you

If we have an appointment for you, we will contact you. Please call. If we can't reach you, we'll send you a message via WhatsApp or SMS. We will let you know the time when we will meet. 


Step 4

The time has come

You come to us at the agreed time. We clarify the last details before departure and the adventure can begin.

Who we are 

Our team consists of excellently trained pilots who are absolute experts in their field. Thanks to their many years of experience in the industry with countless flights, they can offer tandem flights safely and easily. 

Simple - Safe - Unforgettable

Our pilots

Some information about us and our career

Rudi Baumgartner

Team Leader 

Has been paragliding in Greifenburg for 15 years and has also been flying a tandem for almost as long. Countless flights in a wide variety of conditions have sharpened my flying senses and my understanding of wind and weather, which is probably the be-all and end-all in flying. I can look back on an accident-free flight career and I can say that I have never exceeded the limits. 

Multiple participant in the Red Bull Dolomitenman and in some small competitions 

Career: Tandem pilot for the Airtouch flight school 

Tandem pilot for the Luftikus flight school 

Takeover of the tandem company in Greifenburg and cooperation with the fliegercamp. We still share our office with the Luftikus flight school 

2nd and 3rd pillar: horse farm and forest plant trade

Markus Grübler 

Team pilot

Hello my friends!

I'm Markus, 25 years young and currently in my final year of Masters in Physical Education and Geography. In the summer months I am YOUR tandem pilot and in the winter months I am your ski instructor.

Thanks to my father, I was able to fulfill my dream of flying when I was just 3 years old. Ever since that flight, I've been gripped by the fever of flying and have never let go. At almost 15 I was finally allowed to do the basic course and  to fly on my own. 

It's now 10 wonderful years that I've been flying. I've experienced many wonderful moments with flying. From the flight to the Großglockner and matching with others in competitions or simply just enjoying flying, everything has been included in my almost 2000 flights. And it doesn't get boring. For 5 years I can share my experiences and these beautiful moments with others through tandem flying. And it's just nice when you see the happy and satisfied faces of our guests after a precision landing.

I'm looking forward to your inquiry and I hope to see you soon on a flight together. See yaaaa!!!

Lisa Bauer

Team pilot

Has been paragliding very successfully since 2007. Since 2015 she has also been offering her services as a tandem pilot to make people happy.


Team pilot at UP Paragliders, 2 x Austrian national champion in cross country flying

When she's not flying she's a swimming instructor/archery and hiking guide

Her words:

When flying I have an incredible feeling of freedom and I want to share that with you!

Martin Gebhard

Team pilot

I'm the late starter in the team and started paragliding in my mid-40s and since then I can already look back on more than 1000 accident-free flights. For several years I have also been sharing my passion with passengers. Every year I spend several weeks in the Alps, the rest of the time I fly in my northern German homeland. 

I work full-time as an IT specialist for a large company, but have reduced working hours to have more time to fly. In the next few years I want to spend even more time on the mountain to share the experience of paragliding with my guests.

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